WiX comes with AI-based website builder

WiX comes with AI-based website builder 1

Wix has updated its website builder with the latest introduction of a new editor. This latest launched editor facilitates each and every user with a personalized website creation tool.

On the launch day, the company amalgamated its Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) capabilities with its classic Wix Editor. These editions are going to facilitate the new themes, section layout suggestions for design optimization, and a speedy editing tool for content management.

The classic editor of Wix doesn’t support artificial intelligence on the current basis, but the new editor supports the AI capabilities to drive the building and design elements of website creation.

Website builder overhaul

The upcoming features of Wix ADI users will inherit pre-built kits containing colors and fonts associated with the website elements. These elements will permit its users to customize these themes on newly created websites.

Avishai Abrahami, co-founder and CEO of Wix, mentioned that “The requirements and intentions of the users of the platform are at the forefront of our product development.”

He also mentioned that “he is proud of the dedicated team of the company that has listened and understood the requirements of the users, they worked towards the predicted trends and worked to innovate throughout the build process site design faster and more intuitively to meet the target of the online needs of today’s developers and business owners. The mission of the company has always been to be a platform where every type of user and every type of business can achieve their dreams online. The latest editor of Wix helps in setting the stage for the future of creation.”

The new editor also has the necessary requirements of full-width customizable building blocks that allow users to diversify the page into separate pieces of content to help web designers navigate content within the page and work on one section of a page at a particular time.

Oded Nachshon, Head of Wix Editor, says that “with the creation of the new Wix Editor, the company wanted its users to feel like a professional web designer. The tool was helping them through their creation process. Every aspect of it is designed to guide users based on their intent and simplify the creation process.”

“This latest opportunity or we can say the feature meets the nowadays requirement of do-it-yourself and professional users. The platform helped in the removal of barriers that used to make the development of websites difficult, along with this, it allows users to keep their website updated with the latest technology.”

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