World Bank gives Andhra Pradesh $1+ Bn Support Covering Health and Technology

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World Bank gives Andhra Pradesh $1+ Bn Support Covering Health and Technology 1

The World Bank, which has previously dropped a loan project for the Amravati project revealed yesterday that it continues to support the Andhra Pradesh with more than 1 Billion USD program that even covers the agriculture, health, disaster, and energy management sector.

This even includes a new 327 Million USD support to the state healthcare sector, that is even signed with the government of Andhra Pradesh on the 27th of June 2019, according to the statement of the bank.

“As the new government sets its development priorities, we stand ready to provide whatever support the state, and the Government of India might request,” it added.


The World Bank statement comes in the backdrop of its dropping a 300 Million USD loan proposal for the Amaravati Sustainable Institutional and Infrastructural Development Project.

“On July 15, the Government of India (GoI) withdrew its request to the World Bank for financing the proposed Amaravati Sustainable Infrastructure and Institutional Development Project.

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors has been already informed that the proposed project is now soon no longer under preparation following the government’s decision,” it noted.

This has even resulted in a blame game which is merely between the Telugu Desam Party and the ruling YSR Congress with each accusing the other of the bank dropping the proposal of the loan.

“The Washington-based bank is now not averse to extending the loan to the AP government according to the latter’s priorities. The possibility of increasing the quantum of the loan was also not ruled out by the bank,” a top official in the Chief Minister’s Office said.

The members even indicated that the government might seek the assistance from the world bank for funding the flagship Navaratnalu Programme that was even aimed at improving the living standards of citizens in tune with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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