World Economy Forum selected two Indian startups

World Economy Forum selected two Indian startups 1

International Organisation World Economy Forum on Thursday had released the list of world’s 61 best technology learners around the globe. Those companies which are involved in design, development and enforcement of technology with most promising innovations around the world, wondering to give better to society to reform into good.

There were 61 companies and startups in the list with two Indian startups, one is Delhi based SocialCops and the second is Ahmedabad- based My Crop Technologies. My Crop Technologies are working for the betterment of farmers which include machine learning program in rural areas whereas SocialCops is a startup for Data Intelligence.

After the selection both the startups has collaborated with several high-end companies from the world and grateful to have there best service for the benefit of the elite companies and society. Previously the winners were Wikipedia, Kickstarter, Google, Twitter, Palantir Technologies, Mozilla, Spotify and Airbus.

SocialCops is a Delhi- based startup founded by Varun Banka and Prukalpa Sankar to empower leaders for using data intelligence to overcome global challenges. After the inauguration of the startup their performance in the field of getting information on the government welfare schemes, development and sensationalized marketing techniques. SocialCops have partnership with government of India, United Nations and Unilever to perform their ideas of data intelligence.

In 2017, SocialCops was the only company who processed 11 billion data through their system and almost got connection to every 1 out of 25 people in India with the help of partners and government of India. SocialCops also participated in Google Launchpad Accelerator program in 2017.

My Crop Technologies was founded by Deepak Pareek in the year 2016. It is using Artificial intelligence technology to empower farmers to grow their farming with the help technology, farmers were provided with best advice and productive information at the moment to increase there farming business.

By implementing the techniques adviced by the My Crop Technologies, farmers can easily reduce the cost of production and higher the profit with little less physical efforts

This time Cohort have become more vibrant and diverse in terms of giving position in the list of world’s 61 best startups on the basis of design, development and development. Around 54 percent of the innovations was out of United States and almost 25 percent of startups led by females were given place in the list.


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