Most Worrying Technology Trends For 2017 And Beyond

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Technology is a boon alright, but surely it can turn into a bane in no time whatsoever. There is some fantastic news from the field of technology in the past few years that have seen the rise of big data and a complete revolution of the IT market.

However, there have been serious threats from many fronts which will only impact human civilization in a much deeper way. These threats may often not be immediate, but their wounds will stay forever and hence, it is important to recognize and intervene timely.

Less jobs with so many robots

It is no longer the Hollywood science fiction where robots are going to take over the world, but here too, in this world of reality. Automation is one of the most exciting innovations ever and it is also the scariest by some margin as people start understanding what it means. Half the jobs in the world will be gone once automation becomes the order of the day and blue collar professionals may well be the first ones to lose the jobs.

Population explosion at its worst

As lifespan is only going to increase with supreme development of medical science, it is surely going to shake up the population explosion even more and aggravate the scenario to an irretrievable point. In the next hundred years, such an insane growth of population may only end up destabilizing economy at large. Public services will become less, and people will have more money in their hands.

A central control

Often, media theorists have said a new type of feudalism is on the cards known as digital feudalism. Administrations and corporations will be keeping you under surveillance and testing waters with your devices at will. All the data will be concentrated in the hands of the few with little scope for doing anything that can evade the eye of these supreme controllers. They are scanning the whole world at each moment.

Data can be dangerous

Hackers are on the prowl and hence, internet is hardly the most secure thing that exists. However, the condition is such that you cannot exist without internet. Hence, your data always runs the risk of being compromised. The recent debate regarding Russia getting involved by manipulating data during the US presidential election only points towards a possible future where data will help you conquer the world strategically. Thus, what it calls for is a responsible use of technology instead of a mad drive.


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