Writing an Academic Paper on AI? Here Are 10 Topics to Kickstart Your Research

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Writing an Academic Paper on AI? Here Are 10 Topics to Kickstart Your Research 1

Artificial Intelligence has officially kicked into fourth gear and the AI train is now firmly in motion. The use of AI in different industries is becoming more prevalent each day. OpenAI says its products are now used by 92% of Fortune 500 companies. This is the era of AI and there’s no turning back.


As the use of AI becomes more prevalent, the layered complexity with which it needs to be operated and governed poses a challenge. AI might not necessarily imply the death of all of us. However, it’s going to have a massive impact on virtually all spheres of humanity. As a student, expect to see more academic papers and assignments on the topic of AI.

This article will take you through 15 compelling topics that you can use as essay and research paper topics. You might need to narrow the topics down a bit or refine the thesis statements, but it’s a good place to start. We’ll also explore concise approaches to writing each paper.

Fairness in Machine Learning

Fairness in machine learning (ML) refers to the process by which algorithmic bias is removed and corrected in ML models. Bias may be related to race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and class, amongst others.

Thesis statement – Investigating the role of “Fairness by Design” in machine learning to ensure equitable outcomes and mitigate biases.

Approach – You will analyze current machine learning algorithms, identify instances of bias, and propose strategies for integrating fairness into the design process.

With this and other complex topics that we’ll explore below, you can use services that provide cheap essays to come up with more topics.

Economics of Artificial Intelligence

You will assess the economic impact of AI on job markets, industries, and overall economic structures.

Here are the tasks in the paper:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of economic studies,
  • Evaluate job susceptibility to computerization, and
  • Propose strategies for navigating the evolving economic landscape.

Explainable AI (XAI)

Explainable AI is a designed AI process that allows human users to understand and trust the output generated by AI.

For your thesis; Unravelling the challenges and opportunities associated with Explainable AI (XAI) for transparent and interpretable AI systems.

The tasks here would be to explore existing XAI techniques and analyze their effectiveness. You can also propose enhancements to ensure AI decision-making is more understandable and trusted.

Ethical Concerns in Electronic Health Information Exchanges

AI systems used in healthcare systems are exposed to patient health data. This data may be shared or linked without the patient’s knowledge, thus compromising their privacy.

Your thesis would be about balancing privacy protection and the common good in electronic health information exchanges.

Approach: Conduct a comparative analysis of ethical frameworks, examine real-world case studies, and propose guidelines for ethical information exchange in healthcare.

Contextual Explanation in AI

Contextual intelligence implies the ability of AI models to adapt and apply what’s been learned to new skills and scenarios.

Thesis Statement: Assessing alternative approaches and persistent challenges in providing contextual explanations within AI systems. Your approach is to review the literature on contextual explanation and conduct case studies. Finally, you’ll propose a framework for improving contextual understanding in AI.

The State of AI in 2024

With everything that’s been happening in the AI landscape over the last year, it’s time for scholarly research on the state of AI. For your thesis; Provide an in-depth analysis of the state of AI in 2020, including its impact on industries and societal trends.

Approach: Conduct a comprehensive survey of AI advancements, and analyze industry reports. You will also discuss the implications of AI on various sectors.

Algorithmic Processes of Social Alertness

Think about how bots on Twitter can scrape, curate, and disseminate information. Algorithmic social alertness involves action triggers that determine the kind of information being searched, discovered, and retrieved by bots.

The thesis will be to investigate how social bots disseminate information on Twitter through algorithmic processes of social alertness. The approach includes to:

  • Analyze social media data,
  • identify patterns of information dissemination,
  • propose measures to mitigate the impact of algorithmic manipulation on social platforms.

Principled Artificial Intelligence

More organizations are adopting AI products or technologies. Therefore, guidelines need to be established for ethical, rights-respecting, and socially beneficial AI.

For your thesis; Exploring ethical and rights-based approaches to principles for AI and assessing consensus in ethical considerations.

You will review existing ethical frameworks, and analyze commonalities. You will also propose a unified set of principles for responsible AI development and deployment.

Challenges and Solutions of Deepfakes

With the improvement of machine learning algorithms, deepfakes have emerged on the internet. Deepfakes are manipulations of either images or voice through deep generative methods. Deepfake videos of personalities such as Donald Trump and Elon Musk have emerged on the internet. These videos can potentially cause harm through the dissemination of untruthful or unverified information.

For your thesis, you will investigate the challenges posed by deepfakes and propose effective solutions to detect and counteract their impact.

Your approach will include reviewing existing deepfake technologies and assessing their societal implications. You will also propose technological and regulatory measures to address these challenges.

The Impact of AI on Marketing

Marketers use AI tools to analyze customer data and behavior and segment their target audience. They also use it to personalize their marketing efforts.

For your thesis, you will investigate the transformative impact of AI on marketing strategies and consumer interactions. Your approach will be to analyze case studies and review the opinions of industry experts. You will also propose a framework for integrating AI into marketing practices.


These aren’t the only research topics in the domain of AI. Artificial intelligence cuts across multiple industries, from security and finance to healthcare. The topic that you choose will need to be adapted to your course or the specific requirements of your assignment.

These 10 topics cover a broad spectrum of AI-related issues. You can use these topics as a foundation for your research. Do this by either tweaking the thesis statement or the research questions and approaches. Hopefully, the result will be a well-rounded and impactful research paper.

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