Xiaomi’s First Smart Washing Machine is here

China based Xiaomi has primarily made its name through its smartphones and tablets. Only a few know that the company has a lot to offer apart from these two popular products. Apart from smartphones and tablets, the company also has several other products on the offer like Mi Notebook Air and Mi rice cooker. The latest addition to Xiaomi’s product line is a Smart Washing Machine.

Named Mi Washing Machine, the Smart mini sized Washing machine has been developed in collaboration with Minij. Launching at an attractive price of 1,499 Yuan, which comes to out to be approximately Rs 15,000, the Smart washing machine seems to be another step taken by the Chinese company towards focusing on Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT.

Weighing 34kgs on scale, this mid-sized and extremely portable washing machine has a maximum clothes capacity of 2.8kgs. The front load machine, has a total thickness of 415mm, in addition to being 500mm wide and extending up to 630mm from land.

Similar to various other machines in the market, Xiaomi’s Mi Washing Machine makes use of the drum mechanism. According to Xiaomi, the Mi Washing Machine, is extremely energy efficient, as it is compact and small. Also, Xiaomi has taken into account the various horrific children-washing machine mishaps that have come into light and hence has incorporated a child lock into the machine.

Powered by Amotec Kore DD inverter motor and Suspa shock absorbers, the Mi Washing Machine is certainly a product worthy for its money. Interestingly, the Suspa shock absorbers being used in the washing machine are provided by the same company that supplies the shocks for the stunning performer, Mercedes Benz E Class.

Like all other Internet of Things (IoT) products, the Mi Washing Machine can be easily paired and controlled through the Mi mobile app, which offers smooth and easy accessibility of all of Mi Washing machine’s features and settings. The app also comes with support for 14 different laundry modes that can be chosen by the user right within the app.

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