YouTube adds dark mode for YouTube Studio

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Youtube adds dark mode for YouTube Studio and New child safety features.

In addition to new features, YouTube recently announced updates to YouTube Studio, providing new insights and management options of improving the app’s usage by creators. It’s big news to dark mode fans. They rejoice in this new development on the app. YouTube has just announced that all users can now access YouTube Studio in dark mode on the web. YouTube Studio’s dark mode, you can see the Dashboard’s colours are alternated, making for a more eye-pleasing experience in some situations, as well as creating a fresh look for your app. So, are you excited enough to explore with us all the new features and updates of YouTube? Let’s explore!


YouTube adds dark mode for YouTube Studio –

People always request dark mode options, and they are a popular feature. YouTube Studio’s dark mode may not seem as exciting as an update to the main YouTube app, but it will best appeal to many YouTube users. YouTube Studio offers a ‘dark theme’ in its settings. 

However, the YouTube Studio app features a dark mode switch, even though YouTube’s standalone app had it for quite a while. 

YouTube Studio version 20.26.101 has recently been released, and that update is rolling out to users right now on the Google Play Store. It has been long overdue to introduce darkened themes for YouTube, one of Google’s premier products. Almost all internally developed apps already support darkened themes. A notable feature is that – frustratingly – YouTube Studio does not follow the theme of your system. Thus, you’ll need to toggle YouTube Studio’s dark mode or light mode. 

The oversight isn’t that serious since most people use one theme. We hope that Google’s YouTube Studio will eventually add support for system themes. Those who have used YouTube Studio on Android know it has little trouble with a dark mode. While the UI is great for quickly checking statistics, viewing figures, and more, a complete overhaul is needed to make it more user-friendly. The mobile apps and the latest redesign of YouTube Studio for desktop work differently, and that disparity is quite apparent at this point in 2021. In summary, the dark mode in YouTube Studio represents a positive step forward.

Activate in 3 simple steps 

Formerly, you had to do quite a bit of coding to activate YouTube’s Dark Mode. During the last few months, YouTube has made the process simpler.

Step 1: Click the YouTube profile icon and click on the top right corner 

Step 2: Select “Dark Theme: Off”

Step 3: Click on the Dark theme to activate it


YouTube initiates new child safety features –

As part of YouTube’s safety initiatives, teens can upload videos privately, and ads will not appear for users under 18. As the global pandemic grows, there have been rising concerns about child safety and online exploitation. The new features, which integrate to YouTube and Google Assistant, affect YouTube and other Google services. 

“With kids and teens spending more time online, parents, educators, child safety and privacy experts, and government officials are keenly interested in how to keep them safe,” said Google’s UX director. As a result, we hear from these groups regularly. We will now be able to restrict sensitive or mature content from our search system for users under 18, a setting that had been available only to those under 13.

According to Google, content from 13- to 17-year-olds will default to private on YouTube. YouTube Kids and Family product manager James Beser said private uploads allow content visibility by the user and whomever the user decides to share it. ‘We believe the future belongs to younger users, and we want to help them understand their online footprint. 

The system of YouTube will remind the user about who can see their video if they decide to make the preset visibility public. We believe the future belongs to younger users, and we want to help them understand their online footprint. In addition, Google will make it easier for parents to request that their children’s pictures don’t appear from search results. In reality, removing an image from a search does not necessarily mean it will disappear from the web. However, YouTube believes young people will have more control over their online presence.

Google is disciplining underage users of its site globally by turning off location history without letting them turn it back on. Children under 13 already have this protection. As part of the changes, Google will remove any age, gender, and interest-based targeting from its ad campaigns for under-18s and block any age-sensitive categories. 

So, how do you find the latest features of YouTube Studio? If you’re staying up late into the morning, you might consider turning on YouTube’s dark mode next time. And, you can rest assured with the new child safety features. Aren’t those noteworthy? 

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