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YouTube Dark Mode- Here’s How To Activate The Hidden Feature To Save Your Eyes

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There are many features in YouTube which are still not fully known. Among them is a dark mode which remains hidden. This mode can be activated by the users. It helps to reduce strain on the eyes while watching some videos on this online service for streaming videos. YouTube is owned by Google. It has very recently said that a huge number of viewers from all around the world use YouTube to watch more than one billion hours worth of video on a daily basis. Hence, for these users the dark mode of this website which is hidden can become very useful.

Activating the dark Mode

The dark mode of YouTube can be quite difficult to activate as it is hidden. It can only be activated with the use of the web browser called Google Chrome owned by Google. It also needs the users to navigate through the developer tools of the internet browser. However, once these steps are known to the regular user, it is quite easy to activate this mode. The chrome browser has to be the latest updated version. With the updated version, the user needs to go to the YouTube website and then log in to their account on it.YouTube Dark Mode- Here's How To Activate The Hidden Feature To Save Your Eyes

Then the developer tools in the internet browser have to be accessed by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + I on the keyboard. If the user is using a Mac computer then the keys to be pressed are Command + Option + I.  This opens a panel on the right side of the browser. On clicking the console tab in this panel and then moving to the input box at the very bottom of the page, a code has to be placed. On pressing enter after this and closing the panel for the developers’ tool box, the browser has to be refreshed.

Finishing the Process

 After this process has been followed, the only thing left to do in order to turn on the dark mode is to move to the profile icon that is visible at the extreme right corner of the website. This provides a comprehensive list of options. This list also includes the option for the dark mode which is hidden. The option can be used as a switch for the dark mode in order to activate this particular feature. With the help of this feature, the white background of the website is converted to a black background.

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