YouTube Expands Gaming Experience with Playables by Google

By Srikanth
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YouTube is currently working on various projects that are directly related to the development. Youtube, a subsidiary of Google, is conducting internal tests on a new product that has the objective of providing an online gaming experience to its end users. It has been detected that as per an email that has already been transmitted to Google employees, Google is working on the testing process of the ‘Playables.’ The invitation extends to employees, who are now encouraged to explore and evaluate the gaming capabilities of ‘Playables. ‘Playables has various features that are similar to the popular arcade game Stack Bounce.


For the assurance of accessibility, these games can be directly played through YouTube’s web browsers. They can also be played on mobile devices running Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems. This multi-platform approach is the direct reflection of YouTube’s intention to cater to a wide range of users and is helpful in facilitating them with a seamless gaming experience regardless of their preferred device.

With this new addition and the launch, YouTube follows an objective to tap into the immense popular platform. The platform is a prominent hub for game streaming and live gameplay footage.

YouTube acknowledged gaming, along with the ongoing experimentation with new features of the platform. However, there are no specific announcements regarding the Playables product. The company still feels committed to exploring the variety of opportunities that align with CEO Neal Mohan’s strategic vision of diversifying into promising avenues of growth.

Alike Netflix, YouTube also foray into the gaming industry, which reflects a broader initiative for the expansion of its offerings beyond traditional video content. This also capitalises on the thriving gaming industry. By integrating gaming experiences directly into its platform, YouTube can further fix its position as a leading destination for gaming enthusiasts, streamers, and viewers. With the increasing stage of development, the users of the platform can anticipate the more comprehensive range of games and innovative features on YouTube.

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