YouTube has launched its new social network

YouTube, the popular video sharing site, has finally announced a feature that its users have been cribbing for since long.

For many, YouTube isn’t just a replacement for Television; it is somethings more, something better. Some of the best channels on YouTube are the ones that have conversations between the YouTube channel owners and viewers. Realising this, the video-sharing site has now added a “Community” tab to some of its channels.

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The Community tab will allow YouTubers to send messages to their viewers/audiences/fans without having to post a video every time. Instead of being a one-way communication street, YouTube has decided to become a two-way communication community for its users. Of course, this new addition might end up killing off the much-famous “Announcement” sub-genre of videos by letting Channel owners quickly say something without clicking on the “Upload” button. But, it would allow YouTubers to interact with their viewers on YouTube itself, instead of taking the conversation to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Vlogbrothers, a YouTube channel that forms the core of the immensely positive Nerdfighter community. Started by vloggers and brothers John Green and Hank Green, Nerdfighteria claims to be a force for good, supporting charity, empathy, and rational inquiry. Vlogbrothers YouTube page is one such page which has got this new “Community” tab. You can head to their page to check out the new feature.

YouTube users who have subscribed to a particular YouTube channel will now even get to choose if they want to get notifications every time a creator adds a post.

Commenting on the new “Community” tab, Vlogbrothers John Green said, “YouTube has always thought of itself as being about video, but for many of us it’s mostly been about community.”

It seems, YouTube is now going to get more interesting than ever. If you’re an active YouTuber or YouTube user, you must check out the new feature.


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