YouTube Music Invites Entries for Its Early Access Listening Room Program

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The recent update of YouTube Music has reflected that YouTube Music is going to launch a ‘Listening Room’ program that will allow selected users to avail early access to new features and updates. The Google-owned music streaming platform, YouTube Music has recently made the introduction of a Google form that is generally inviting participants to the early access program. Once the selection procedure is accomplished, users will be able to access YouTube Music app features that are available in beta testing. They are the part of the exclusive Discord group.

The Google-owned music streaming platform on its Google Form seeks applicants for the YouTube Music Listening Room Program notes that users selected for the program will get a free year of YouTube Music Premium subscription. In addition to this feature, there is a chance to test the specific features before it is released to the masses.

Selected users are allowed to collaborate with YouTube Music’s product team through an exclusive “Listening Room” on Discord.

YouTube Music is looking at selecting anyone and everyone for the YouTube Music Listening Program. It lists out certain requirements that need to be met to become eligible for the program.

To fulfil the criterion of eligibility, it includes that the user must be an avid music lover while using YouTube Music as their primary music streaming service are available for at least a year. There is a massive requirement that the users have to give regular feedback, engage in conversations, and participate in polls on the exclusive Discord group. They are also making the argumentation about not sharing any information regarding the details of the program outside the group. This is inclusive of sharing screenshots, pictures, or recordings of conversations or early features outside the Discord group.

YouTube also made the confirmation that candidates will be informed of their selection regarding the YouTube Music Listening Room program in the month of February 2023.

There are users who have doubts about the program.

The membership of the YouTube Music Premium individual pre-paid plans in India starts at Rs. 109 for a month. The three-month pre-paid plan costs to about Rs 309, while the one-year plan costs Rs. 990. A recurring subscription plan is starting at the rate of Rs 99 per month.

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