YouTube Music to Roll Out Custom Radio Playlist Feature Soon

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YouTube Music is testing a new feature that would help its users by permitting the creation of a custom radio list. The music streaming platform lets users customize their music queue in the Now Playing section. This section is all based on the genre and mood of the song being played. The ‘Create a Radio’ feature is still under development and testing. It is expected that the launch for users in a stable version soon. Along with this, YouTube Music is also conducting a poll asking users to vote for the features they want to see on the app.


As per the report of 9to5Google, YouTube will launch a new feature that some YouTube Music users on Reddit have shared. They posted spotting the “Create a radio” feature in the main feed. The application helps facilitate several artist choices for the users to let the app know their preferred options, which are similar to the initial YouTube Music setup.

The application then lets users lock their “Song Selection” from the three options: Familiar, Blend and Discover. Another next step is selecting several filters, ranging from popular, Deep cuts, New releases, Pump-up, Chill, Upbeat, Downbeat, and Focus. The customized YouTube Music radio playlist will be ready to access by following all the mentioned steps.

Meanwhile, YouTube Music is also conducting a poll or survey to ask users about the application’s features. The vote is titled “what feature do you want the most on ad-supported, ” allowing users to recommend their preferred features. The options include better recommendations, a sleep timer, background play, and improvements to lyrics.

As per the news of the launch, it has been observed that the reason behind the launch is to improvise the spam and abuse detection on comments and live chat. It has also added a feature to notify users when an abusive comment posted from their account is detected as violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

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