Youtube to boost views and review with analytics data


YouTube is the topmost preferable platform which is popular for streaming video content & is the second most visited site in the world.

By diving deeper into the YouTube metrics, you can uncover all the vital aspects of video marketing, such as SEO keywords, advertisement revenue, traffic sources, video views, audience demographics, and even much more.

Some of the top YouTube Analytics You Should Measure

YouTube View Analytics

YouTube video view analytics are the indicators of how famous your YouTube channel is. It mainly tell for how users are consuming your video content. These channel metrics can be seen on the overview tab; utilize these YouTube channel analytics to get the channel performance report, identify new as well as current trends & understand what’s best for your brand.


Subscribers on the video streaming platform, YouTube are the users or channels who have subscribed to the account of YouTube over a specific period of time. At the time whenever you are going to upload any videos on your channel, then at that time your subscribers can get them on their wall feed. YouTube’s ‘Subscribers Report’ offer you with lots of data about increasing and decreasing subscribers on the basis of gain periods, videos, and locations.


View metrics reveals the gross number of times at the time when your brands’ videos have been played, which even includes the repeated views. Most viewed videos are the indications of content enticing & tell that viewers are interested in that particular type of content. Views always helps in figuring out your top and best performing videos. The real-time view is the metric or analytics that highlights the number of views which is being gained by your video in the last 24-48 hours. It is highly represented in a chart diagram with an estimation of hourly views updated in a real-time scenario.

Channel Watch Time

Channel watch time metrics offers you data that usually used to reflects a total number of video watch time in hours at a particular time period.

Channel Views

Channel views refer to the overall performance of your channel by measuring the number of views your entire channel content accumulated within a particular time period. Channel view mainly helps users to simply determine high-performing videos, anticipate seasonal changes & trends, and determine the best time to upload new videos.

Audience Retention

Audience retention is a pictorial representation showing the frequency of watching your video content in each moment; it analyses the data in a percentage of total views. Audience retention plays a very significant metric part to track as it highlights the moments that viewers drop off from the video already uploaded.

Average View Duration

The average view duration is highly calculated by dividing the total watch time by the total views of your video. In other words, it’s the average amount of time people spend watching your video. You can also try to convert average views into a high level of percentage. Average view duration helps in analyzing how engaging your content mainly would be. If the average view duration is low, then it means that viewers are unable to connect to your video content that also needs improvement to meet the expectations of the viewers’.

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