YouTube vs Instagram: Fashion’s Video Face-Off

YouTube vs Instagram: Fashion’s Video Face-Off 1

YouTube and Instagram are two of the most well-recognized platforms that offer brands a significant chance at showcasing a much more fun, unique, and personal side of themselves. Industries across the globe are leveraging the power of these two platforms to create video content to impress their audience. Fashion is one such industry whose brands have been benefiting majorly from video advertising. That being said, the biggest debate that has been around the corner is- Which one is better? YouTube or Instagram? Read ahead to find out. 

What is Video Marketing? 

Video marketing is a very unique and effective form of digital marketing. Incorporating video into your content strategy is extremely essential as it is measurable, snack-sized, and let’s not forget – engaging. Videos cater to all sorts of audiences, those who prefer concise and brief videos as well as those that are likely to watch informative and detailed videos.

In addition to this, videos work exceptionally in driving sales, establishing customer loyalty, building customer satisfaction, converting leads, and even educating your customers on what your brand is all about. Videos go way beyond their ability to convert potential leads. A video is a great tool for building brand value and is more beneficial for data-driven advertisers than you think. 

YouTube or Instagram? 

To answer your question, YouTube and Instagram are both equally powerful when it comes to creating content for your audience. However, the right platform for you may Deens on several aspects. For example, YouTube is great for creating comparatively longer duration of videos. Instagram, on the other hand, houses small and concisely made videos. Furthermore, the group of audience you are targeting also plays an important role in analyzing which platform you should pick. 

Along with this, you can always use both these platforms simultaneously to promote your products and services. You can post snippets and stories of your YouTube video content on Instagram so that your Instagram viewers get to know you further through your YouTube.  

Moreover, you can also use these platforms separately to promote content through certain types of videos. Either way, it might pique your interest that both these social networking sites are nothing less than brilliant as they can help you grow your company and ultimately boost sales. 

Here are some benefits of video marketing for your fashion business on YouTube and Instagram. 

1. Influence Decision-Making Process Within Customers 

Videos are quite ideal as they persuade your customers to invest in your company. The very ability of videos to showcase a visual representation of your products and services instantly appeals to customers. About 90% of consumers suggest that a product video plus a crucial role in influencing them in deciding on investing in a certain product reported Forbes. On the other hand, a study done by Animoto suggests that about 64% of individuals are inclined to buy a product after watching a video abo it. Such statistics clearly suggest the power of video in attracting customers to your brand. 

2. Generate Revenue 

One of the biggest and most unbeatable benefits of videos is that it generates revenue. Videos when made rightly, leave customers much more appealing towards continually returning to your brand. Not only can a good video generate revenue but it can also convert leads. With more and more people staying on your website and viewing your videos for a long period of time, you are bound to make some major sales in a very short frame of time. Advertisers that used videos in their marketing strategy suggested that their revenues were about 49% faster each year. This itself suggests how vital a good video is. 

3. Videos Impact SEO

Building a strong online presence is undeniably a very crucial aspect of digital marketing. With sufficient followers, you won’t be able to deliver your message across a large spectrum of people. This can lead to you losing out on targeting potential customers. Videos impact SEO in the most effective way. They can help you boost your online ranking on several important search engines. Moreover, videos can also increase the timeframe your viewers spend on your website.

About 80% of advertisers suggested that videos impacted increased visitor time on their website. With a good SEO ranking, you have a chance at conveying your message and simultaneously promoting your brand to a larger audience. And this is where video editing skills come into play, as they are essential to making sure your videos are SEO optimized.

4. Create a Deeper Connection With Customers  

Last but not least, videos have proven to impact the relationship you have with your clients. When you post customer-generated videos or create behind-the-scenes videos, you are able to establish a much stronger and more emotional level connection with your customers. It is for a fact that trust is the very foundation of your business. You need to have long-term relations with your customers to make some serious sales. And videos help you achieve this. Showcasing a much more personal and raw side of your brand through your videos can indeed help you win the hearts of your customers, which will, in turn, result in attaining a long-term customer base as well as converting leads. 

Bottom Line

Videos have become very prominent in the fashion sector. Many fashion brands are leveraging the power of video to showcase their products and so should you. However, it is highly vital that you do some prior research and pick out a high-quality video editor when creating your videos. The right amount of aesthetics can play a crucial role in persuading your potential customers to view your videos. 

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