Zendesk Announces the Launch of CRM Platform Sunshine

Zendesk Announces the Launch of CRM Platform Sunshine 1

California based customer service platform Zendesk Inc., today has launched the Sunshine, which is an open and flexible customer relationship management (CRM) platform which is built completely in the public cloud on the Amazon Web Services Inc. Zendesk Sunshine enables the businesses to connect and understand all their customer data, wherever it lives and gives their developers the ability to deploy and build custom apps and services much faster. Sunshine is built entirely on open standards, with the security, and reliability of the AWS built into its core.

Zendesk launches the Sunshine, as well as the new sales force automation tools, Zendesk even sells, and the data analyst product which is known by the name as Zendesk Explore, as it global user conference.

Businesses are trying to keep up with the customers changing expectations, but are being held back by the legacy technology. Traditional CRM platforms force the companies into the much more proprietary technologies which limit their view of the customers and make it difficult to connect the customer data spread across both the internal as well as the external system and services.

“It’s time to break free from CRM platforms that think they’re the center of the universe and lock you into an outdated view of the world,” said Mikkel Svane, Zendesk founder and CEO. “We built Sunshine to shed light on the many different dimensions of customers and their data while giving developers the freedom to build the way they want in the public cloud.”

“The Zendesk platform gives us the ability to adapt to our customers’ changing needs and expectations,” said Gerardo Soto, director of innovation at Stanley Black & Decker. “Our developers also see tremendous value in the possibility of using the open source tools they already know and love on AWS, which would ultimately serve our customers and the business better.”

According to the Gartner report, The Eight Building Blocks of CRM: Information and Insights published in February 2018, “Customer information and insight is the lifeblood of successful CRM systems and is essential for superior customer engagement. Relevant customer data can power, among other things, customer service interactions, personalization, marketing campaigns, field sales opportunities, lead management, social interactions and cross-sell/upsell activities.”

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