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Zendesk Introduces Sales Force Automation Tool Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Inc., today revealed a new tool that is Zendesk Sell, a sale force automation tool to enhance the productivity, pipeline visibility and processes for the team. Sell items from the Zendesk Acquisition of the FutureSimple Inc., the company behind the Base, in September 2018 and marks the firsts step in integrating the sales force automation software into the family products of Zendesk.

Moreover, to a new name and logo, Sell is launching with the new Core SFA capabilities added since the acquisition which includes the simplified collaborations via at mentions, and customizable performance dashboards.

Sell is also launching with a new integration for the Zendesk Support, giving the support agents more context from the sales process and then simply allowing them to notify the sales of opportunities which is surfaced at the time of support conversation. Sell now provides the deepest SFA integration on the Zendesk marketplace.

This new product launch from the Zendesk comes just within a month after a company launched Sunshine, a flexible and open customer relationship management, a CRM which enabled businesses to connect and understand all their customer data, wherever it lives.

According to Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Kate Leggett on the Forrester blog post Sales And Service Tech: Two Sides Of The Same Coin? From September 17, 2018, “Customer service spans both pre-purchase and post-purchase activities. Sales activities target new and existing customers. There is not much difference between the conversations that customer service agents and inside sales reps have prior to a customer purchase — explaining the details of a product or helping properly onboard a customer. In addition, the technology capabilities that these roles use to interact with customers are similar.”

“Delivering a great customer experience is a team effort, requiring integrated tools,” said Matt Price, senior vice president, and general manager for Zendesk Sell. “But salespeople won’t use tools they hate. Zendesk Sell is a tool that salespeople love to use, which means better data and better decisions, so the whole team hits their targets. And with the new integration with Support, every conversation with a customer is visible across the organization.”

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