Zepth’s Bold Leap into AI-Driven Construction Project Management

By Srikanth
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Zepth's Bold Leap into AI-Driven Construction Project Management 1

In a groundbreaking development, Zepth, an innovative Indian tech startup and leader in construction management SaaS software, today announced the integration of Artificial Intelligence into its platform, marking a transformative leap in construction project management.


The pioneering product, the “AI Risk Manager”, leverages the power of AGI with 40 AI agents to proactively identify potential risks, collaborating with each other, carrying out likelihood and impact assessments, and assisting in mitigation plans for the identified risks, thus enabling project managers to make data-driven decisions. This revolutionary tool is a testament to Zepth’s commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring project success even in the most challenging environments.

Under the leadership of founder Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder & CEO at Zepth has redefined the construction landscape. “Zepth stands at the forefront of the AI revolution, redefining the Common Data Environment with human-level intelligence through AGI. Our platform epitomizes intelligence, simplicity, and efficiency, designed for the modern world. Zepth’s AI-driven solutions are delivering extraordinary efficiency and precision to clients globally. The traditional big tech solutions, while once groundbreaking, now lag in a rapidly changing world. They are complex relics of a bygone era – no longer the best fit for today’s dynamic industry needs,” said Shrivastava.

Zepth is ambitiously expanding its AI ecosystem to include hundreds of specialized agents, each designed to reflect and adapt to the complex, ever-changing demands of construction management. This visionary growth not only reaffirms Zepth’s leadership in the software domain but also spotlights the ingenuity and influence of Indian technological advances globally.

The mission of Zepth is clear; in the world of construction, to stands as the embodiment of advanced intelligence, driving an industry towards unparalleled efficiency and help carve a clear path towards building a smarter and an agile project management process that not only responds to the current needs but also forecast the future demands and trends in the commercial management & real estate ecosystem.

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