Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath Champions ImStrong Startup with Lightning-Fast Funding

By Sunil Sonkar
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Zerodha's Nithin Kamath Champions ImStrong Startup with Lightning-Fast Funding

In the startup world, Nithin Kamath, the person who started Zerodha, is like a superhero for entrepreneurs. The latest success story comes from Dilip Kumar, a determined entrepreneur whose bold move of sending a cold email led to a game-changing investment for his startup, ImStrong, from none other than Kamath and Rainmatterin.

Kumar, in a series of tweets, shared the fascinating journey of how a simple act of reaching out transformed into a powerful investment from Nithin Kamath, challenging the common belief that asking for help is a sign of weakness.

Kumar shared that lots of people believe asking for help is a weakness. But he found out it is like having a superpower, especially when it led to a big investment from the billionaire entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur shared that he sent a cold email to @Nithin0dha, not expecting a reply. But surprisingly, he got a response in just 10 minutes, and within 2 days, he got an offer for investment.

The post included a glimpse of the email exchange between Kumar and Kamath, unveiling a supportive interaction. The emails suggested that Kamath and his wife Seema not only went to ImStrong classes but also helped spread the word about the startup, showing they really cared about its success. A call was scheduled promptly to discuss further details.

Kumar says that being open about your vulnerabilities is like a powerful tool for entrepreneurs trying to deal with the tricky world of social connections. Whether it is seeking assistance, feedback or suggestions, the outcomes are unexpected yet hold the potential for remarkable results.

Kumar had some great advice for new entrepreneurs: don’t hesitate to ask folks to try your product, whether you are working on it, invite potential team members to join, request money from investors or seek suggestions and feedback from random people.

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