ZEVO to become the go to Platform for Everything EV with the Launch of Its Tech-Based App

By Srikanth
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ZEVO to become the go to Platform for Everything EV with the Launch of Its Tech-Based App 1

ZEVO India, a fast-growing EV enabler in sustainable supply chain solutions, is gearing up for a phase of meteoric rise. ZEVO’s recent strategic moves, including the launch of its cutting-edge mobile application and ambitious plans for fleet deployment and geographical expansion, herald a new era of growth and innovation.


ZEVO’s new mobile application, available on both Android and iOS platforms, is set to redefine the landscape of logistics and mobility management. This application will serve as a crucial link between driver analytics, fleet management, and vehicle tracking, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and foster sustainability. The user-friendly app will empower the startup’s drivers to connect with clients including real-time insight and controls.

The EV provider is on the cusp of becoming the go-to platform for everything electric vehicle (EV), from two-wheelers to trucks. The application will serve as a vital bridge connecting drivers and large organisations, providing an integrated solution for EV-based transportation needs. ZEVO’s vision is to revolutionise the logistics and mobility industry, setting new standards for green, efficient, and technologically advanced transportation. The Delhi based company plans for the deployment of 50,000 two-wheelers and 10,000 three/four-wheelers & trucks over the next three years, helping ZEVO provide a wider range of electric vehicle options, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions, and promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Mr. Aditya Singh Ratnu, Founder & CEO of ZEVO India expressed his excitement on the launch of the app and the company’s future plans quoting, “ZEVO is on the brink of an exciting new chapter in its journey. With the launch of our advanced mobile application, ambitious plans for fleet deployment, and discussions for a substantial funding round, we are poised for next level growth across verticals. We envision ZEVO as the singular platform for all things EV, and we are well set to achieve the same in the times to come। We’re dedicated to transforming the way India moves, and green vehicles would be instrumental in it.”

Mr. Dhruv Bhatia, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at ZEVO India, further added, “ZEVO’s expansion alongside the launch of our app represents a significant milestone in our journey. As we grow, we’re not only scaling our operations but also fortifying our financial foundation. Our ambitious fleet deployment and expansion plans are strategically aligned with our focus upon delivering smart EV logistics, with business dynamics that align to our vision. ZEVO’s growth is about smart scaling, financial resilience, and creating a more efficient and eco-friendly transportation ecosystem for India, that’s future ready.”

The company is actively engaged in discussions to raise Pre-series A round of funding. These funds will play a pivotal role in facilitating the expansion of the fleet and geographic reach of ZEVO. The company is poised to scale its operations to over 20 cities in India, underscoring its mission to transform the EV logistics and mobility landscape in the country.

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