Zolo launches Zeassetz Tech-enabled co-living property investment platform

By Srikanth
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Zolo launches Zeassetz Tech-enabled co-living property investment platform 1

Zolo, the market leader in co-living spaces in India, has launched Zeassetz, India’s first and largest tech-enabled co-living property investment platform. Zeassetz offers a hassle-free investing experience with tech-driven property management, High Rental Yield (1.5 – 2x of Market Value) and end-to-end tenant management.


This platform will create a new asset class by opening doors to investment in the next generation living, labelled as the ‘Co-living Revolution’. An incredibly low Net EMI (EMI minus Rental) with assured higher returns, Residential High Yield Assets and regular upward revisions of rental without the stress of finding tenants makes this an appealing investment for seasoned and first-time investors.

Dr. Nikhil Sikri, CEO & Co-Founder, Zolo, commented, “We are delighted to introduce Zeassetz as an incredibly simple and hassle-free way for individuals to invest in the property market. This is a growing market segment and is currently valued at $6.67 Billion with a potential of $13.92 Billion in the coming years. Zeassetz will provide accessibility for the masses helping them own affordable homes and diversify savings. With Zolo’s backing, the entire property management, maintenance, tenant hunting and collection of rentals will be taken care of. This will include initial investment support and exit. The response to the initial introduction of the concept has been very encouraging. Since then, we have already sold inventories up to INR 60 crores.”.

A prospective buyer can land up with a Net EMI of as less as 10 k per month and own a residential home in a prime location. With the Indian real estate sector being largely stagnant for the last 15 years, appreciation is bound to happen making it a property that the person can own. On an average, one can earn 2x of the initial investment and in the best-case scenario up to 3x – 4x can be expected depending on the ticket size of the unit invested. Under Zeassetz, the apartment’s legal ownership is with the investor and the property is registered under the investor’s name. This makes it a 100% asset-backed investment with no risk of capital erosion and remains secure at all times of one’s ownership. The properties listed on Zeassetz are completely verified and vetted, RERA compliant from reputed developers. 

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