Zomato Alum Gaurav Gupta Unveils Healthtech Venture Gabit

Ex-Zomato CEO Gaurav Gupta launches Gabit, a health-focused platform with personalized plans and skincare.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Zomato Alum Gaurav Gupta Unveils Healthtech Venture Gabit

Gaurav Gupta, co-founder and former CEO of Zomato, has started a new health-focused company called Gabit. It is all about health and offers things like personalized meal plans, fitness wearables, workout plans and skincare products.


Gabit recently secured a seed funding of $9.5 million, with support from investors like Northwest Venture Partners and notable figures including Amit Agarwal from Amazon, Deepinder Goyal from Zomato, Vikram Chopra from Cars24 and Kunal Shah of QED Innovation Labs.

Gaurav Gupta said that at Gabit they think about health in a complete way. They mix up the good stuff for health like fitness, food, sleep, feeling good in our heads, and taking care of our skin. They want to help with keeping a good weight, staying fit, dealing with stuff like diabetes and high blood pressure. They want to make sure your skin is good and stay healthy as we get older. Their focus on balancing all these health aspects is what makes Gabit special.

Gabit aims to be your go-to platform for health and wellness. From skincare products to personalized nutrition and fitness plans, fitness wearables, health tech products and more—all backed by science and technology.

Co-founded by Gaurav Gupta and his wife, Aparna Shahi, Gabit enters the competitive healthtech arena, where it will face off against Healthtify, backed by Khosla Ventures and Unilever Ventures. On top of all the health stuff, Gabit also has things for your skin. They have got moisturizers, serums, face washes and sunscreens.

Gaurav Gupta’s journey in the tech world includes joining Zomato in 2015. He became the Chief Operating Officer in the company in 2018. After a significant six-year stint, Gupta bid farewell to Zomato in September 2021, paving the way for his new venture in the healthtech sector.

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