ZunRoof Launches zunpulse™ range of Smart Devices

By Srikanth
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ZunRoof Launches zunpulse™ range of Smart Devices 1

India’s leading home tech company ZunRoof today announced its entry into Smart Homes Category with the consumer launch of its new range of zunpulse™ smart devices, with a single app to control all of them. The devices launched today include:

  • zunpulse™ Smart Plug to convert all residential electrical appliances, including geysers/water heaters, room heaters and ovens among others, to smart appliances, which can be controlled remotely from a mobile device.
  • zunpulse™ Smart Camera that features night vision, has a resolution of 720p and is weather resistant. The camera can store up to 128 GB of video and can be used for two-way communications through the zunpulse™ mobile app
  • zunpulse™ Smart Energy Monitor that reports real-time usage of electricity and allows users to control and minimize wasteful consumption in order to minimize their electricity bills
  • zunpulse™ Smart AC remote, a software-based remote that converts an old air conditioner to smart air conditioner; which can be switched on and off remotely via the mobile app
  • zunpulse™ Smart Security System equipped with a motion sensor, the door sensor and a siren to sound alarm, which also sends remote notification on the mobile phone to warn of an intrusion in the home
  • zunpulse™ Smart Video doorbell that allows users to check who is at the door and have a two-way communication right from their mobile device regardless of where they are
  • zunpulse™ Smart TV remote for all popular smart TV brands, usable via any mobile device
  • zunpulse™ Smart LED Bulbswith pre-built special scenes and a full 16-million colours palette.

The zunpulse™ smart devices only need a 2.4 GHz WiFi network at home to connect to the Internet. All devices can be controlled through the zunpulse™ app, available on both Google Play and Apple App store.

“The zunpulse range is designed to make life at home easier, more comfortable and more secure, particularly at a time when most Indians are choosing to stay at home to safeguard themselves from the raging pandemic,” said Pranesh Chaudhary, Founder and CEO of ZunRoof. “Today’s launch also marks the first milestone in our mission of democratizing smart home tech and making it more accessible for the majority of tech-savvy Indians.”

Pranesh said that zunpulse range of devices will soon include a wider range of devices to better control and manage every single thing that is powered by electricity in a typical home.

zunpulse has been available to commercial buyers since March, including real estate developers, hotels, hospitals and sharing economy firms like co-living spaces and cloud kitchens. The firm has booked 50,000 + zunpulse devices to B2B customers.

“We have received a tremendous amount of acceptance from the market on these products and are now glad to make them available for homeowners, for which these products were originally created,” Pranesh said.

The zunpulse smart devices are suitable for use in commercial or public spaces as they allow for completely contactless communications and operation of devices and appliances. For example, the zunpulse Smart Video Camera or Smart Security System can be a powerful enabler of two-way communications for hospitalized patients, who can use it to have a two-way communication with their family and friends safely and remotely. Similarly, restaurants can install these devices in the kitchen and allow their patrons to view a live stream of their food being cooked in the most hygienic way possible.

All zunpulse devices are now available for purchase from https://www.zunpulse.com, and from Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal e-stores. 

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