Chicilon Media Ensures IoT Safety Standards for Screen Equipment

Chicilon Media assures its 27-inch TV screens meet all IoT safety standards, eliminating security risks.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Chicilon Media Ensures IoT Safety Standards for Screen Equipment

Digital media equipment provider Chicilon Media has announced safety of its 27-inch TV screen devices. It assures the devices meet all IoT (Internet of Things) safety standards and no security risks would be witnessed.


The safety of its elevator media devices has been tested using the IoT security assessment method that has been developed by the OWASP project. The tests were conducted as well as verified by Viettel Cyber Security. The process ensures reliability.

The assessment covered various aspects including security of device connectivity, connections to websites or administrative interfaces, linked applications and vulnerability to information breaches as well. Chicilon Media’s screens passed the evaluation: Below are some related details:

The screens do not have applications that transmit data to third parties.

These do not capture or even store images of viewers.

There are no information gaps in the devices.

The devices also meet all information security requirements.

Chicilon Media Chairman Guo Zhi Feng expressed satisfaction with the results and highlighted that they build trust and simultaneously enhance the reputation among business partners and consumers. He further said that they are committed to investing in technological innovation, research and development to enhance functionality as well as quality of their media channels.

Apart from all these, the company mainly focus on integrating nationwide digital communications network into the project of digitalizing the country. This will contribute significantly to Vietnam’s digital transformation and economic development.

The currently dominates the elevator media market share. Its advertising screens account for 92% of the market in apartment buildings and offices. It has more than 36,000 advertising screens equipped with advanced technology across 14 airports and 41 supermarkets nationwide.

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