Fox Sports uses AI for better engagement for FIFA Women world cup


Fox Sports has teamed up with IBM Watson to create highlights of all the goals, kicks and penalties of every player for the upcoming Women’s world cup, just like it did with the Men’s world cup in 2018.

IBM will use Artificial Intelligence , collect all the information and data from Opta, which is a data provider that collects and analyses every match played by a player. The goals, penalties and all the passes of each player and will create a “Player spotlight” and creates a stat analysis. This is the latest broadcast segment of the Fox Sports.

This tool will assist the Fox Sports commentators that are on air. When they open the tool and enter their queries, the tool opens the highlights, data analytics that help the commentators broadcast and use for reference on-air.

Fox sports already used a high light machine in the men’s world cup in 2018, where the fans made highlighted videos of their stars, including all their goals, red cards, and penalties. They also helped them arrange the data by the player’s name and title.

The Highlight machine of the last season was available on Fox Sports app and its webpage, On the occasion of the past Highlight machine, Sarah Tourville, SVP of Sports Brand activations at Fox Sports said, “We are very glad to be working with IBM, a leader in the technology space, to help enhance fan experiences and engagement,”

“Our collaboration gives us an opportunity to utilize their technology across multiple properties, helping to grab engagement for our tent pole events in non-traditional ways.” She added.

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