How AI Enhances Your Apple Watch Experience

Apple Watch now uses AI for notifications, processing sensor data to provide health insights.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
How AI Enhances Your Apple Watch Experience

Apple has just unveiled artificial intelligence (AI) in its flagship product including the Apple Watch. Despite not featuring a chatbot, the tool has been quietly powering various features of the devices. Notifications received on the Apple Watch are driven by AI algorithms and machine learning. These algorithms process data from the built-in sensors and offer valuable insights to users into their health, fitness as well as wellness.

The Apple Watch is equipped with several sensors which are designed to collect health data from individuals. The data thereafter serves as the foundation for training machine learning and AI models. It is widely speculated about potential generative AI features for the iPhone, but the innovations for the rumored Apple Watch X existed silently even ten years since its debut in 2014.

Despite the anticipation surrounding future releases, users need not wait to experience AI on their watches. Several AI-based features are already available on newer Apple Watches. Introduced with the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2, a feature allows users to interact with their watches without physically touching the screen. Tapping index finger and thumb together twice helps in performing various functions like answering calls or capturing photos.


The Apple Watch offers native sleep tracking functionality and it too is enabled by AI algorithms that analyze movements and sensor data to track sleep stages. Leveraging the data on wrist movement and heart rate fluctuations helps the watch to differentiate between different sleep stages. Additionally, the Apple Watch incorporates AI-driven fall detection capabilities. It utilizes algorithms and sensors to detect sudden falls and prompt emergency assistance, if necessary.

AI technology also enables the device to monitor heart rhythms for irregularities. It continuously analyzing data from the heart rate sensors.

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