TVS Motor, Startup ION Mobility Partners for Electric Sports Scooters in Indonesia

By Sunil Sonkar
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TVS Motor, Startup ION Mobility Partners for Electric Sports Scooters in Indonesia

TVS Motor Company has partnered with Singaporean startup ION Mobility to enter the Indonesian sports scooter market. The collaboration is titled Project Dynamo and details of it were revealed at the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) 2023. TVS Motor invested $18.7 million in ION Mobility in February 2023 to cater to the specific needs of Indonesian riders using their flagship EV, the TVS X. This partnership is a big step forward in the Indonesian electric vehicle market.


James Chan, founder and CEO of ION Mobility, expressed his interest for the collaboration that is aimed to elevate ION as a top lifestyle brand for electric motorcycles in Indonesia through Project Dynamo. Both companies are geared towards producing electric vehicles that cater to Indonesian riders while advancing sustainable mobility, aligning with TVS Motor’s vision for cleaner transportation solutions.

Sharad Mohan Mishra, Group Strategy President at TVS Motor Company, highlighted their commitment to revolutionizing urban mobility with electric two-wheelers by showcasing the recently introduced TVS X as evidence of their dedication to a more sustainable and interconnected future. He expressed his excitement about the collaboration with the Indonesian company with the shared goal of expansion of premium electric two-wheelers in Indonesia through the debut of Project Dynamo at IMOS.

In essence, the strategic collaboration between TVS Motor Company and ION Mobility, as showcased through Project Dynamo, marks a significant milestone in reshaping the electric vehicle sector in Indonesia. Focusing on innovation and eco-friendliness, these partners aim to introduce top-notch electric bikes for Indonesian riders as well as reshape the way people commute in cities.

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