7 Efficient Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

By Sony T
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7 Efficient Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate 1

As the digital world gets more competitive and crowded, conventional sales methods do not work anymore. People are bombarded with so many options, and customers get overwhelmed. So, your business needs to stand out from the rest. The great news is that increasing conversion rates is not rocket science. You can implement new changes in your business right now to increase profits.


1.   Use testimonials

International markets have seen lots of scams or misrepresentations over the years. It’s important to build trust with customers to ensure they are treated fairly. That is why customer testimonials are gold. A video of a person recommending a product builds trustworthiness because potential customers can see the emotion and enthusiasm.

Testimonials aren’t only for websites. They can be used for strategic marketing purposes like Facebook and Instagram ads. Additionally, you can post them on your social media pages to build more trust with followers.

2.   Local currency

Offering local currencies, especially for international business, can boost your conversion rate. It delivers a personalized touch and makes it look like your business is doing well. Customers can see what they are expected to pay without the need to waste time looking at conversion rates. That will get them to the checkout page faster where they can finalize the purchase.

For that purpose, you can use the conversion API. Conversion API helps you add a range of currencies to your eCommerce website based on your customers’ location.

3.   Simple checkout

A big factor why cart abandonment is growing is that the checkout process takes too long. This gives the customer time to rethink their order, or they get fed up with the steps. Keeping the registration to one page or having a guest checkout is optimal for those who want to purchase in a hurry.

Furthermore, keeping the checkout pages to a minimum of two or three checkout fields will lead to fewer abandoned carts. This is because more fields to fill out equals more effort, which can lead to potential customers getting frustrated. Keep it short and to the point so that the buyer is happy.

4.   Minimalistic website

In general, the website should look clean with no extra information. That’s because you want the customer to get right to the point and not get distracted.  Apply the “KISS” concept – Keep it Short and Simple. An easy-to-read page that has no distractions will increase the conversion rate. Make sure that the webpage is easy to navigate for a smooth experience.

Keep the theme throughout your products and page to retain the brand image. Some customers will recognize your brand by the small details. It includes the color of your theme or the layout of the pages.

5.   Set up a lead capture form

To salvage visitors who try to leave your website, you can create a form to capture their emails. However, lead capture forms are tricky because they are perceived as annoying if not done correctly.

The best capture forms have strong offers to persuade users to sign up before leaving. It should be kept short and sweet so the potential customer can see the reward they get straight away. Make the offer bold and big to capture the attention. It will lead to more successful email capture form completions, which you can then use to send offers.

6.   Trustworthiness

As we mentioned, testimonials increase trust between vendor and customer, but there’s more that can be done. Users need to provide their payment information on the purchase page and so you must let them know your business is trustworthy. You can display licenses issued by official authorities to put your customers’ minds at ease and increase conversion rates.

Furthermore, you can provide warranties and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This shows that you are confident in your product.

7.   Add incentives

Popular eCommerce brands will give users an incentive to purchase as soon as possible. This is done in various ways such as popups, 15-min saved cart, and showing the number of products left. All these factors can increase sales if done right.

However, it’s essential not to overuse this tactic because it can make the website look cheap. In addition, using an incentive tool can help skip past going to separate services.

Final thoughts

Implementing these tips can generate more leads and sales. Investing in the services is worth it as it will promote growth and make the brand look better. The key is to promote yourself as a trustworthy eCommerce site that is fair to its customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these features to get an edge on your competition and dominate your marketplace.

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