How effective is the evolving online learning environment for the current generation?

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Online learning or distance education is not an unfamiliar forte. It has been in existence from the late ’80s. People have always found the idea of learning the most exquisite of courses and subjects from the comfort of their home as a very appealing idea. The fact that it is cost-effective, equally efficient and saves you an abundance amount of time and energy only adds to the popularity of learning everything online. 


Up until recent times, learning online was only limited to courses of higher education. The idea of learning online even for the subjects taught in school was an alien concept for the parents and teachers and the students equally. But with the evolving technology along with the light speed internet, this is a viable option for anyone looking out to study, learn and excel from their homes. 

One such groundbreaking platform called WAVE was introduced by Vedantu to allow students to experience high-quality education in their comfort zone. Vedantu specializes in LIVE online teaching. The tutors here are Teachers By Choice who have decided to nurture and shape the young minds to reach and achieve their maximum potential.

This idea of teaching online is taken a notch higher by the introduction of WAVE platform. The concept of making teaching on an online platform more personalized and fun is achieved through WAVE which uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). It is excellent in making the study process very engaging by adding the grammar of practical application and sound visual likeability. The young minds are always bound to keep wandering. The WAVE platform has numerous innovative ways to get students to focus on what they are learning. The icing on the cake is the fact that they have infinite ways to help students remember those concepts as well. 

Wave Live Online Learning: What Are Its Various Techniques To Engage Students?

  • The highlight of this platform is the HOTSPOT feature. This is a revolutionary concept which allows the teacher to make any part of the teaching screen clickable. This adds to the aim of making the teaching process more interactive and fun for the students. Also, it helps the teachers to engage a student more with numerous innovative methods. It gives the teachers an edge over the students by providing a constant real-time feedback of students comprehending capabilities. 
  • LIVE QUIZZES is another highlight of the show. The teacher continues to teach but the students tend to stop listening after a certain period of time. This is a problem that challenges most of the tutors around the globe. This problem is overcome by the process of LIVE QUIZZES. These quizzes are regular, competitive and highly concept based. It challenges a student at his basic understanding level pushing him to concentrate more during classes with his own will. The quizzes are curated in a gamified manner to inculcate a sense of healthy competition. It is a proven fact that when a student is challenged in a healthy environment, he tends to push himself to achieve the best. Students compel themselves to step out of their comfort zone and achieve their maximum potential. The LIVE LEADERBOARD is an excellent way to help stimulate in students a sense of achievement and a hunger to push their boundaries. 
  • On the learning front, most students feel uncomfortable getting a doubt cleared. This might be either due to the surrounding students, or the fast-paced teaching that is done to cover the syllabus. This stops students’ minds from evolving. The doubt becomes a residue which will hamper further learning of the concepts from the textbook even if there is a readymade Ncert Solutions provided. This is another problem that is overcome in online learning. A student can choose an individual learning class or a group class based on his comfort levels. This will allow the student the discretion and encouragement to ask his doubts and get them cleared. Being able to interact with the teacher on a daily basis tends to forge a bond between the teacher and the student making students comfortable enough to ask all the doubts and get them cleared. This will get the students confident and calm enough to take up any exam and excel in them. 
  • Another brilliant feature of this platform is the ease of being able to connect LIVE with another TA – Teacher Assistant along with the main teacher during a doubt solving session. This is the first of its kind Teacher Assistant’s Live Doubt Resolution Concept ever to be developed on an Online Teaching platform. This allows a student to get multiple perspectives on a doubt allowing him to understand and solve a particular problem in various different ways. This session makes sure that only certain common selective problems are passed on to the Main teacher, allowing them to later explain the same to the entire class for the benefit of other students as well. 
  • The fact that WAVE can capture the effectiveness of teaching as well as learning is what makes it so special amongst the others. It provides accurate data regarding various concepts that are easily understood by the students and concepts which the majority of the students might find difficulty in understanding. This helps the teachers to plan their strategies accordingly. 

Learning is a never-ending process. Making the teaching process more efficient is the core aim of any online learning platform like Wicca Academy. The teaching and learning becomes fun and effective only when a student finds the session engaging and educative. All these are achieved brilliantly by online platforms in today’s world. 

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