How Push Notifications Will Set the Pace for Marketing Strategies in 2020?

How Push Notifications Will Set the Pace for Marketing Strategies in 2020? 1

With about 2.7 billion smartphone users in the world and more than 80% of them staying in the lane of android operating system, you can well imagine the scope of android push notifications that can be sent to promote the businesses.

The whole point is to understand the success route of how these notifications can get you the desired effect. With the growing channels of internet and applications, the face of challenges has also been transformed from reaching a higher number of customers to grab their attention.

If you have an android app placed in the Google app store and want to learn the ways of gripping your customers then you have hit the bulls eye already as this post is specifically designed to bring new insights to those who believe in empowering their business with little steps. Little steps of digital initiatives to grow their brand each day. And one such entry is the feature of ‘push notifications’.

Android push notification is a tool which if used smartly can bring you the rewards beyond measure. Learn why it holds such prominence in today’s time and how you can integrate it smartly to maximize your business gains.

Why push notifications should be a compulsory element in your strategy

How Push Notifications Will Set the Pace for Marketing Strategies in 2020? 2
  1. Resource to stay connected with the Customers: What do you think is the juice of a marketing strategy? To stay connected with the people. And what must be the fastest and effective way to reach them? A smartphone! But beware! Bulk of applications, spam junk and tons of emails are something that can put them off as quick as lightning.
    So, the push notification is one such resort that rescues you from a tricky scenario while effortlessly putting your message across the customers. 
  2. Engages with the Audience: To beat the competition in the market, it is of prime importance to frequently engage your customer base. And what could be a better resort than a quick message prompted on the screens of your customers proactively letting them choose your brand over your competitors?
  3. Helps you Stay in the Limelight: Staying in the limelight is not optional anymore. The more you bring your brand in light – to be precise, over the screens of your customer’s smartphone, the more you are increasing the probability of maintaining the sustenance of your business.
  4. Easiest and fastest route to Brand Building: If you do a little research, you would know that brand building is not something that happens overnight. In fact, taking persistent action of reaching and engaging with the buyers following a diligent approach is something that takes a brand up there. So what calls for your business success is to follow the same formula to reach your desired goal.

How to innovate your android push notification to get the Extended Rewards

The success of your business would depend on how innovatively you use the feature of push notification to entice the audience. Here are a few tips that you can incorporate into your strategy to make it miraculously work for your business success:

  1. Creativity pays off: A plain text would work but a creative personalized message puts a striking impact in the minds of the people. In place of practicing a traditional marketing approach, you can add a little spice of creativity in your push notification message and see it working wonders for your business growth.

    For instance: If you own a fitness app and want to announce heavy discounts on your services, rather than dropping a simple text you can quote like ‘ Get fit don’t quit with our superior gym services.’
  2. Technology is a Savior: It will always add to your advantage to seek the assistance of the technology wherever it can be incorporated. Say for instance, in place of sending the regular texts of deals and discounts, you can always expand your communication to location-based texts if it somehow relates to your business model. In fact, geofencing is one such example that all big brands are getting a hold of to mark their superior services while improving their user experience.  
  3. Keep it Relevant: Rather than shooting an arrow in the dark, it is anytime lucrative to propose what your customer is actually looking for. Thanks to the superior analytic tools on which you can always depend to do the deep analysis of your required study. By identifying the needs and preferences of the customers, you can always provide them with the value notifications that is sure to interest them.
  4. ‘Crisp’ reaps the Reward: There is a clear need to make your android push notification as crisp as you can to get the maximum attention of your audience. Making it a rich notification by adding an image will always get you the added advantage. Even if you want to keep it plain and simple, one thumb rule is to keep it short and precise, so that it passes the litmus of getting the customer’s attention.

Lengthy texts is a great put off that you must avoid and do whatever it takes to maintain the crisp character of your push notification.

Final Thoughts:

Android push notification is seemingly a jack that can assure a quick and sustainable growth of your business. By optimally making use of this tool, there is a great dividend that you can reap for your brand in the form of customer retention and market acquisition.

Written by Srikanth

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