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  • Impact on Artificial Intelligence WordPress Theme Development

    These days, WordPress Theme Development Companies find it difficult to meet the demands of customers. A growing number of companies use WordPress for online promotion of products and services. For this, they need a highly customized and personalized theme for website creation. Leading experts from various industries focus on the benefits of artificial intelligence for […] More

  • How AI Technology Is Improving PDF to Excel Conversions

    With the need for document conversions at an all-time high across professional industries, extracting PDF data into Excel for analysis becomes essential for making highly informed business decisions. However, with this shift in digital document needs, there is a growing need for more efficient conversions. It is now more and more common for companies to […] More

  • Google Duplex: Inside Google’s Latest Voice Technology and What It Means For AI

    People are unnerved by artificial intelligence that’s indistinguishable from a human. Google Duplex is a new voice synthesis technology that uses bots to mimic human speech. Designed to help people make simple calls, such as booking dinner reservations, the AI aims to free people from the monotony of simple, repetitive phone conversations. While the technology […] More

  • ‘Chitti’: Artificial Intelligence App for Personal Assistant

    AI Assis, a company which is started by the IIIT-H alumni and incubated by the IIIT-H, has launched and revealed Chitti, an Artificial Intelligence-based app that works as a social, personal and networking assistant and do some of the stuff for its users. It was launched by the Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, TS Government Principal Secretary. […] More

  • AI to help police unmask criminals

    Police in the Uttar Pradesh will now be able to solve the cases faster with an application that has a database of the five lakh criminals as well as with the face recognition, Artificial Intelligence and a host of some other tech features, according to the report which has been revealed. The AI has been […] More

  • AI helps diagnose depression three months earlier than health services by analyzing Facebook posts

    AI helps diagnose depression three months earlier by analyzing Facebook posts

    Depression seems to be enough to be detected in this way; it really changes the use of social media by people so something like diabetes doesn’t happen, ‘the researchers wrote. An artificial intelligence program (AI) was trained to explore Facebook posts for “linguistic red flags” which could be a sign of depression identifying conditions up […] More

  • How AI Is Transforming App Development?

    Today, mobile applications are being developed for almost everything. Due to a cut-throat competition among businesses across fields, mobile app developers are trying to come up with more unique and sophisticated apps day by day. Apps help businesses to reach their audience and provide services anytime and anywhere. Increased use of technology and implementing wiser […] More

  • Nvidia’s new AI converts real-life videos into 3D renders

    NVIDIA has announced the groundbreaking Artificial intelligence which enables the developers for the first time to render the entirely synthetic, interactive 3D environments with the help of a model trained on the real world videos. The technology offers the potential to quickly create a virtual world for automotive, gaming, robotics, architecture and virtual reality. The […] More

  • Google’s AI system can grade prostate cancer cells

    Around one in nine men in America will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime, according to the report which has been revealed and around more than 3 million patients have been diagnosed with it at the same point are still even alive today. And just from seeing a cancer perspective, it tends to be so […] More

  • MAS sets out principles to use AI, data Analytics In Finance

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) has now issued a set of algorithms and principles to promote the ethics, fairness, transparency, and accountability in the work and use of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in the field of Finance. This is merely known by the name as FEAT principles, the document provides the complete guide […] More

  • 7 AI And ML usecases Everyone Should Know

    Machine learning (ML) is a buzzword in the tech industry and there is a good for it. Machine learning refers to huge developments in areas in how computers can learn. If you’re new to the concept of “machine learning”, let me give you some context. Machine learning (ML) is a category of an algorithm that […] More

  • AI versus humanity: Who will win?

    Do you think AI could beat humanity at its own game? It certainly hits the headlines a lot, with the latest development always offering a way to revolutionise the way we live. It’s time for a reality check. In this guide, you’ll learn how technology is already assisting us and how AI is different from the […] More

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