Rise, Fall, Lessons for Ed-Tech Ecosystem with Byju’s

Byju's: Ed-Tech's Journey - Rise, Fall, and Lessons Learned.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Rise, Fall, Lessons for Ed-Tech Ecosystem with Byju's

Byju’s was founded in 2011 by Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath. It commenced journey as a promising edtech startup. It was aimed to revolutionize online education. It is an app-based platform provided multifaceted learning solutions. It simultaneously caters to various disciplines for students. It offered coaching for competitive exams like engineering and medical, alongside school curriculum-based courses. It also introduced online courses and tablet-based classes.


Despite initial success, the recent events of Byju’s have unfolded saga of challenges, financial setbacks as well as a significant decline in stock price and valuation. It once was the most valuable edtech enterprise with a valuation of $22 billion by 2020. However, it moved away from its core mission. It shifted focus to selling hardware items and compromised the integrity of its initial commitment to educational excellence.

The journey is facing financial, governance as well as reputational challenges. It is a valuable lesson for the broader startup ecosystem and particularly in the ed-tech sector. Maintaining a focus on core values and implementing strong financial management practices are critical lessons derived from Byju’s downfall.

Byju’s encountered significant financial challenges due to aggressive accounting methods, lack of cash and defaults on loans. It relied heavily on loans from various sources but struggled to generate sufficient cash flow to meet debt obligations. This resulted in severe financial strain, legal troubles and a loss of confidence from investors.

Its growth strategy heavily relied on acquiring other edtech startups. Failure to integrate these acquisitions seamlessly into its core services compounded the challenges further. Customer retention became an issue as it relied more on promotional offers and discounts.

Byju’s simultaneously faced controversies surrounding data privacy as well as security. This eroded trust among parents and students. Legal challenges, reputational damage and governance issues further tarnished its image.

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